Online Assessment Tool Selector

Should I be using online tools for this assessment?
Before you use this tool, ensure you're prepared by checking our requirements:

1. Is using technology a barrier to students effective completion?

  • Do your students have: Access to digital tools including computers, internet...
  • The required technical skills
  • Technical support where needed.

2. Is this assessment measuring subject skills and/or knowledge directly connected to the assessed learning outcomes?

  • Yes/No

3. Does the online environment suit the task in terms of:

  • Content
  • Authenticity
  • Relevance

4. Is using technology for this assessment an enabler?

  • Does the task facilitate and add value to student learning
  • Do the tools enable students to more effectively demonstrate and use appropriate skills, attitudes and knowledge

5. Feedback mechanisms are appropriate in terms of:

  • Timeliness
  • Safe / secure ie, only those anticipated can provide feedback

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